A cup of coffee a day could help to shed the pounds, study suggests

A cup of coffee a day could help to shed the pounds, study suggests

According to the latest study reports, if you consume at least one cup of coffee in a day you can effectively fight obesity. Coffee helps in the burning of the brown fats and plays a major role in burning off of the calories helping you shred those extra pounds.

The brown fat is the brown adipose tissue that generates body heat by burning all the calories, while the other type of fat is referred to as white fat or white adipose tissue that stores the extra calories in the form of fats in our body.

The co-director of Nottingham University, Michael Symonds says that brown fat is often burned by the body to produce heat by burning excess of sugar and fats as a quick response to deal with the excessive cold. When the brown fat is burnt, the lipid profile and sugar profile of the blood is balanced too, which ultimately promotes the loss of weight.

However, until now no solution had been found that could stimulate the activity of brown fats in the human body. The University of Nottingham has found out that a cup of coffee will be able to successfully stimulate the burning of these fats promoting weight loss.

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