Blood scandal victim’s family accuse Hunt of breaking promises

Blood scandal victim's family accuse Hunt of breaking promises

The MP under Tory’s leadership has been accused of making false promises to the victims of the Infected Blood case. According to the news collected from our sources, Jeremy Hunt has continuously met with one of the patients and gave him assurances of settlement more than once.

Mike Dorricott who was one of the victims of the infected blood case, was suffering from terminal cancer that was linked with hepatitis C because of coming into contact with the contaminated blood. Mike’s widow disclosed to the media that despite Jeremy Hunt constantly visiting her husband and giving assurances of settlements took no actions regarding the same.

The government, as well as the Department of health, were accused of being murderers conducting criminal offence by one of the victims of the Infected Blood case, who was diagnosed of terminal cancer just a few days ago.

More than 4000 people who were haemophiliacs were victims of the infected blood case and suffered from HIV and hepatitis C and already more than 2000 people have died because of the infections.

Ann Dorricott said that she had met the former Health Secretary many a time concerning the matter.

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