Boots rolls out paper bags after plastics row

Boots rolls out paper bags after plastics row

The Health and Beauty Chain has taken matters of environmental concerns seriously and is taking eco-friendly initiatives by replacing the plastic bags with brown paper bags. The company promises to phase out plastic bags from all of its stores by the year 2020.

Recently, around 53 chemist stores of Boots took the initiative to offer brown paper bags of different sizes to their customers instead of single-use plastic bags, which will ultimately lead to shredding down of around 900 tonnes of plastic that was being used by the Boots Company alone.

The Director of Marketing at Boots, Helen Normoyle stated that all the brown paper bags that have replaced the plastic bags in the company stores have been carefully tested. She ensures that these brown bags are safe for the environment throughout their entire lifecycle. Normoyle added to her statement that the customers who still forget to carry their own bags while shopping introducing sturdy paper bags to them seems like the most viable option.

These brown bags shall be charged with 5p, 7p, and 10p depending upon their sizes. The entire amount collected from these shopping bags shall be donated to the children in need.

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