Brexit voter rages as Remainer says EU isn’t panicking about losing UK trade

Brexit voter rages as Remainer says EU isn’t panicking about losing UK trade

Matt Frei, LBC presenter had to end one debate forcibly after 2 callers raged on whether the EU is looking forward to ceasing the United Kingdom from succeeding post Brexit.

Frei had to forcibly disconnect the call post callers Diksha belonging from Reading and John belonging from Eastbourne began trading bards related to Brexit. The two debated over whether the EU referendum should actually be admired/ respected. John, a Brixiteer insisted that the democratic procedure should be respected while Diksha claimed that the results of vote were dependent upon lies that Remain and Leave campaign both have told. As the debate moved ahead, discussing on the possibility of one future EU-UK trade deal, John said that EU ultimately don’t want to cease trading activities with Britain they important a lot farther from Europe. And, Europe doesn’t want Britain succeeding with Brexit, he added.

However, Diksha suggested that the tight game of Brussels’ with Britain indicated that the bloc isn’t concerned about losing trade with Britain. But Jon totally refused Diksha’s comments and accused her of completely denying the key obvious issue, i.e. a vote had been taken. And, as the duo continued to gear up against one another in the debate, the radio host forcibly had to interrupt them and end the call.

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