Clutha helicopter pilot ignored fuel warnings, inquiry finds

Clutha helicopter pilot ignored fuel warnings, inquiry finds

The pilot flying a helicopter which crashed in the Clutha bar located in Glasgow, causing the death of ten people, including himself, had decided to avoid warnings of low fuel, an inquiry into the matter has discovered.

The crash, which took place on November 29, 2013, killed two police officers, 7 customers at the bar and Capt. David Traill. In fact, the crash also left 31 people injured.

Craig Turnbull, sheriff principal, in his inquiry into the fatal accident, said that Capt Traill took the risk to proceed consciously based on the assumption that the warnings of low fuel were in a few way erroneous (but they weren’t apparently). And that decision resulted in fatal consequences, Turnbull added.

The core problem here was why Capt. Traill allowed the depletion of fuel supply tanks till the point where there wasn’t any sufficient fuel left in the main supply tank to let the chopper return back the base safely, continued Turnbull.

The family members of people who passed away reacted to the inquiry report and expressed frustration. They were astonished that such little explanation or information had been offered, given that the failure of the pilot to follow fuel warnings was discovered in one previous investigation.

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