Doctors livestream brain surgery on conscious woman in Texas

Doctors livestream brain surgery on conscious woman in Texas

Neurosurgeons performed a brain surgery on a conscious woman at the Methodist Dallas Medical Centre in Texas and streamed the entire procedure via Facebook live.

Thousands of viewers watched the procedure has Jenna Schardt, 25, underwent the surgery, where a part of the skull was drawn out.

Schardt said that she allowed the neurosurgeons to livestream her surgery via the hospital’s Facebook page in order to educate as well as inspire other people.

The doctors said that they kept Schardt conscious for the surgery so that they could test out her brain and help prevent damage to any major neurological functions.

Schardt had recently been suffering with seizures and speech issues. Upon examining Schardt, the doctors discovered a huge blood vessel mass in the area of the brain which affects speech.

She underwent the operation on Tuesday for removing the blood vessels and had been placed on general anaesthetic at the time the doctors opened her skull. The doctors then work Schardt up before conducting the real procedure. She chatted with the doctors, which in turn helped them spot the parts of her brain that needed medical attention.

Several users of Facebook praised the ability of the doctors to operate Schardt while she remained conscious.

The surgery went well and Schardt would remain under observation at the hospital till the time she recovers.

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