Electric cars could be charged in 10 minutes in future, finds research

Electric cars could be charged in 10 minutes in future, finds research

New battery tech could offer over 200 miles worth of charge in electric cars in just 10 minutes, as per a new study.

Batteries made of lithium ion provide dramatic influence due to their capability to store huge quantity of energy in one tiny, compact battery. Moreover, one can recharge these batteries repeatedly for further usage. A group of three researchers developed these batteries previously this month.

But, batteries made of lithium ions also have one disadvantage- the cars may use up all the power in the middle of the journey and may then require one lengthy recharge.

Now, the researchers say that they’re addressing this problem by offering an easy and quicker way of charging the battery. This means that the drivers of electric cars will need to spend less amount of time to recharge the battery at a charging point and get going much faster.

Quick charging in just a few minutes needs high current. But, at lower temperatures, such rapid charging of batteries with ion lithium can pose issues as metallic lithium develops in the spikes across anode. High temperatures can avoid this issue, but keeping the battery hot could also cause further issues.

Hence, the researchers made a battery which utilized a slim nickel foil for creating internal self-heating mechanism. They were able to charge this battery till 80 percent in just 100 minutes that too without damaging it, in spite of charging it repeatedly.

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