Firefighters braced for criticism in Grenfell inquiry report

Firefighters braced for criticism in Grenfell inquiry report

The firefighters are braced for major criticism coming their way for their response to the fire at Grenfell Tower on June 14, 2017 when a public inquiry this week finally shows its investigations.

The fire outbreak, which took the life of 72 people, was attended by firefighters of distinct ranks. They now have been warned about facing strong criticism, with Dany Cotton, the LFB (London Fire Brigade) commissioner, expected to also be among some other senior officers named in the report which is due to be addressed in the parliament.

The inquiry report, which is 1000-page long, will include suggestions to Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The survivors hope that the suggestions will likely include building safety laws as well as one review of stay-put regulation as well.

Many junior officials also are expected to remain in focus when Sir Martin Moore-Bick, the inquiry chairman, issues the first investigation of the two that he has planned into the fire outbreak.

Meanwhile, Matt Wrack, the leader of the FBU (Fire Brigades Union), said in a statement that his members all are braced to rally close to Michael Dowden, one watch manager who was the first commander during the scene. Wrack fears that the upcoming inquiry report will criticize Dowden most.

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