Google Pixel 4 Android phone has a big flaw

Google Pixel 4 Android phone has a big flaw

Every year, the last flagship to release its phone is Google, which has now revealed the Google Pixel 4. It is the fourth in-house smartphone by Google, and as evolution embarks, there takes place a few potential upgrades as well. In the new Pixel 4, there is a new radar system which would detect the gestures and also has an extra camera. This year Google has smashed the notch.

The Google Pixel 4 will be available in two different sizes, a Pixel 4XL that is 6.3-inch long and the other one if Pixel 4 with the screen length of 5.7-inches. The colours available are –White, Orange, and Black.

The design of the phone has been upgraded with the removal of the fingerprint sensor, which was on the rear side of the phone since 2016. Therefore, the back of the phone is now free of anything else, but the camera bump that sticks a couple of millimetre above the glass surface, which is smooth.

However, the functionality of the fingerprint sensor is one of the most significant losses of Pixel 4. Google has introduced its facial unlocking system to the phone for the very first time.

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