‘Living drug’ offers hope to terminal blood cancer patients

'Living drug' offers hope to terminal blood cancer patients

The patients of Terminal Blood Cancer in King’s medical college of London are being provided refreshed hope of being treated from cancer completely. The doctors in the hospital are very sure about the treatment that they are offering to their patients with terminal blood cancer and they are positive that their situation can be treated.

In 2015, Mark Simpson was diagnosed with blood cancer after he returned home from a holiday. He had experienced swollen and stiff neck and with furthers tests, cancer was detected. Even after undergoing chemotherapy, Simpson’s cancer symptoms kept on returning. However, soon he was offered with CAR-T that is the newly discovered living drug therapy.

Mark Simpson is being treated with the ‘living-drug’ therapy since the month of February. The results have come out to be positive and the symptoms of cancer are eventually subsiding.

The CAR-T drug is being prepared from the patient’s own body cells. The white blood cells are collected from the patient’s blood, frozen in liquid nitrogen and then are manipulated in the laboratory. Further, these cells are re-introduced into the patient’s body and instead of the WBC killing viruses and bacteria will kill cancer-causing cells.

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