Methane spike could be sign of life on Mars

Methane spike could be sign of life on Mars

Signs of life have been detected by the rover sent by NASA to the Red Planet due to the traces of Methane gas detected. According to the latest reports, the discovery was made this Wednesday.

The paper project scientist, Ashwin R Vasavada in an email disclosed that to obtain further information regarding the same, a follow-up project has been established, already.

Though methane gas can definitely be produced by the supposed geological processes taking place in the atmosphere, the traces of the gas that were detected were mainly produced from that of micro-organisms known as methanogens that sustain in the insides of mammals’ guts.

However, the Directorate of the NASA Science Mission who is currently working on the project of Mars Curiosity tweeted for the public not to be too excited about the discovery yet. One must remain cautious and regard this information merely as an early stage of discovery of a scientific result. The science team is putting up all the efforts to further dig onto the matters of the presence of methane gas in Mars before any results are confirmed regarding the presence of the life on the Red Planet.

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