Microsoft plans dual-screen Surface tablet with Android apps

Microsoft plans dual-screen Surface tablet with Android apps

The Computer makers, as well as the tech-lovers, have been waiting for the dual-screen laptops or tablets since a very long time now. This idea of dual-screen tablet was introduced by Microsoft decades ago through the Courier. Though the tablet was designed with dual-screen technology was never really released into the market. However, according to the latest reports, the idea that was invested behind the Courier has now retreated with full speed.

The associate director at market intelligence, Jeff Lin, gave a statement that Microsoft is planning to launch a tablet with a 9-inch dual screen with a foldable surface system. Also, the new tablet will be installed with the latest version of Windows that will more likely support almost all the Android apps.

Some more bits and pieces of information concerning the dual-screen tablet to be launched by Microsoft under the flagship of Centaurus shall include new Lakefield system-on-a-chip from Intel and with constant connectivity of 4G LTE service or more likely 5G connectivity. While Lin said that the new tablet shall possess a 4:3 ratio in which the screen shall be divided; but there are chances of the screen being divided by a 3:2 ratio.

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