Oppo’s under-screen camera is real and taking photos in Shanghai

Oppo's under-screen camera is real and taking photos in Shanghai

Just earlier in the month, Oppo provided a sneak-peak of the upcoming tech for under-screen camera in its quick & dirty video. Xiaomi was fairly quick in announcing that the company was working with something similar. Neither of the companies explained the way this tech functioned.

As ascertained from the video demo, in the idle state of the camera, its screen works perfectly normal. However, upon taking a closer peek, the zone above camera appeared to be highly pixelated. As stated by Oppo, this particular zoned-out area houses a transparent material along with a redesigned pixelated structure designed for improved transmittance of light.

In simple words, this particular camera tech actually requires a display panel which is customized as the existing one might not get the job done. This is because the existing ones have transparency properties which are sufficient enough for its in-display based fingerprint readers. However, it isn’t perfect for conventional cameras.

Oppo further mentioned that its under-screen camera also packs in a bigger sensor along with better pixels. Not just that, it comes with larger aperture which helps focus better light. This obviously means a drop for the existing resolution with certain room for quality improvement.

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