Rare bacterial infection leaves 12 people dead in Essex

Rare bacterial infection leaves 12 people dead in Essex

According to the reports released by the Public Health of England, around 12 people died because of rare bacterial invasion and 20 people were registered being affected by the same infection.

All in all 32 people in Essex have been confirmed of being affected by Streptococcus Bacteria of Group A. This group of Streptococcus bacteria is practically harmless when on human skin; however, was proved to be lethal when entered the bloodstream of the human being. People with compromised immune system conditions because of suffering from some sort of a disease or old age are most affected from this bacterial infection.

Among the 32 people that were affected by the bacterial invasion mostly were elderly people being treated from severe wounds either at health care centres or in their own houses. The cases of infection have spread severely across Chelmsford city, Braintree, and Maldon districts.

While healthy people are not much being affected by the disease except for a sore throat, they are unknowingly spreading the infection through sneezing and coughing.

Rachel Hearn, who is the director of nursing and quality in Mid Essex, said that they are taking measures along with the Public Health of England to deal with the situation.

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