Scientists make a lifelike robotic fish using multipurpose ‘blood’

Scientists make a lifelike robotic fish using multipurpose 'blood'

Robots have definitely travelled a very long distance since the time of their invention. Although robots have become very smart and even responsible, the human essence still lacks in them. Well, all these were the talks of the ancient times, per se. However, in recent times, scientists have done tremendous discovery with the robots. They have created a lionfish robot and pumped it with blood.

While the conventional robots carried out singular functions; such as carrying batteries and gears to supply power, the new-gen invention of the scientists provides propulsion along with power.

The blood that has been pumped into the body of the lionfish that creates an electrolytic environment inside the fish’s body that works both as an energy storage unit and serves the purpose of hydraulic fluid too.  The outcome was astounding, the lionfish with “multi-purpose blood” was about to swim for a very long duration and performed activities 8 times more efficient than the lionfish with similar features but without the electrolytic solution.

The scientists who have invented the lionfish that in the history of robot invention, this is the very first time when they have combined hydraulic force transmission along with energy storage system.

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