The release date of Wi-Fi 6 finally gets unveiled

The release date of Wi-Fi 6 gets unveiled

What exactly is Wi-Fi 6? It is the next-generation wireless connective technology that was formerly known by the name of 802.11 ax. However, recently the Wi-Fi Alliance decided to rename the network in a more appealing manner. The former version of Wi-Fi 6 is marketed by the name Wi-Fi 5 had the name of 802.11 ac, on which the routers are running currently.

The idea behind renaming the networks is for the better understanding of the public, rather than blowing the mind of the people with strings of number a name that could be better understood is given to the networks. The similar concept is applied with 3G, 4G, and 5G mobile networks.

With the new Wi-Fi 6, you will not have a better experience with the speed of the network but also the wireless connection will perform efficiently even in an overcrowded environment, providing better connectivity.

According to our sources, Wi-Fi 6 seems to have cleared all the standard requirements and is about to be released in the third quarter of this year. Though there are Wi-Fi 6 routers available in the market with the mark of 802.11 ax, they are all under caveats.

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