Urine tests could reveal whether men have prostate cancer five years early

Urine tests could reveal whether men have prostate cancer five years early

A urine test can show if a man has aggressive prostate cancer 5 years earlier than presently, claims a new study.

The findings of the study could help several men get the treatment done earlier and avoid painful biopsies.

Nearly 50% of the prostate cancer cases don’t cause symptoms and are therefore left untreated but are still monitored while the doctors struggle to foretell when the situation would turn aggressive.

The urine test, conducted by the researchers from the East Anglia University, searched for any changes in the key genes. In the initial trials, which involved more than 500 men, the test precisely predicted if they required more of treatment or checks than the present tests. In fact, it even predicted the progression of the disease up to 5 years.

Lead study author Shea Connell said that the test could foretell if a man needs a biopsy or not and then can be utilized to predict if he needs treatment for the cancer in the following 5 years.

The study was funded by Movember Foundation’s Mark Buzza who said that the urine test has a lot of potential for transforming the current prostate cancer diagnosis as well as treatment methods.

Notably, prostate cancer is one of the common cancers in the UK which affects nearly 48,000 men every year and kills around 11,000.

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