WhatsApp update could stop Android phone users making an embarrassing mistake

WhatsApp update could stop Android phone users making an embarrassing mistake

Have you ever sent an intimate picture to a wrong person absentmindedly? Well, then the new feature update of WhatsApp is going to save you from taking that guilt trip. The widely used messaging app is working on a new feature that is going to be soon introduced for Android users.

Once you have updated your app with this latest feature that is under process, you will be saved from all those embarrassing moments of sending pictures to the incorrect recipient. In the current version of the app, whenever you sent an image to a person a small icon of the recipient’s profile picture appears which leaves ample window for mistakes. However, in the latest feature, you will be able to view the recipient’s name as well as an enlarged version of the profile picture before hitting the “send” button.

While the update is specifically designed for Android users, the iPhone users already have the advantage of seeing the name of the recipient towards the bottom of the screen in the iOS version.

The releasing date of this feature into the market has not yet been disclosed; but, it is already undergoing beta testing.

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